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About Catalyst Corner 




Catalyst Corner is a digital media platform that serves to inform our members and site visitors of a specific corporate message and / or pending value catalyst amongst the companies we profile.  As the companies we profile are generally small and micro-caps information regarding them can be difficult to find.  Our site provides a centralized location for the distribution of shareholder marketing materials, and reaches a relevant audience given our sites design and features.  Our site serves to complement an existing Investor Relations program by matching timely and unique catalyst driven investment ideas with an audience that has opted-in to receive information about them.


Members of our site are generally more sophisticated investors with a heightened interest in equity markets and trading strategies as access to our Proprietary Pair Trading Tool and Portfolio Management System is by membership only.  These site functions which have been designed to be used together allows for the construction and tracking of user defined long / short equity trades.  


Members also receive e-blasts that keep our members informed by tracking and summarizing recent important developments at our focus companies.  E-blasts, when viewed in conjunction with company specific videos and fact sheets, allow for a comprehensive overview of featured companies and pending catalysts.


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